Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My home office

Last week we got organised and hit the road to Ikea to find something to partition our "formal" lounge room so that my hubby could have his very own music room & I could have the study all to myself. So I am please to inform you the partition is set up (but not yet finished as Ikea was out of stock of a few things) and all of Greg's music gear is now living in the "music room" and I have the study all to myself...yay!!

Now I am faced with the exciting job of how to reorganise the study...if Greg had his way it would already be done, but I don't like to rush these things. It takes time to plan especially when your budget is next to naught!

So in my search for inspiration there are a few things I decided I definately need...

A way of organising my paperwork, orders and receipts etc. I love this clipboard idea because I need things to be in front of my face or I just seem to forget about them, or they get lost under my piles of paper.

Image from here

 I also love this inspiration board, the small one I have is so over crowded that I can't see anything properly...an up size is in order. This is much neater than mine will be though.

Image from here

Funnily enough my study looks kinda like this...the same double doors and probably similar room size. But I don't have all of that gorgeous white furniture, and I need a little more storage, but I like the placement of the desk!

Image from here

Now this office has organised written all over it, I love the storage and the styling, and it is still very practical and functional, I just don't think I could keep it looking like this...

Image from here

So I think another trip to Ikea is in order for a few storage bits and pieces. Hopefully I will get it done soon and I will post the photo's when it's done!

Have a lovely day.
Suzie xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Ava collection

I have been spending a bit of time adding to my existing artwork collections, I just finished two new additions to my Ava series...

Ava Ming

I'm a bit partial to Ava Ming I have to say...very happy with how she turned out! Not to take away from Ava Cream, I think she is lovely too.

Ava Cream

I have added these two new colour options to the existing Ava Brown and Ava Pink. All of the Ava's can be hung either portrait or landscape and are available in my online shop.

Ava Brown

Earlier this year a mini canvas of Ava Brown was purchased for the set of NBC's Parenthood season 3 which started in the States last week. I don't know when it is starting here...soon I hope, I am dying to see it! (the show & the artwork in the show :)

Ava Pink

I hope you like, have a great day lovelies!!!

Suzie xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Etsy Blog

I was very chuffed to discover my "Melbourne Skyline" print featured on the Etsy blog today for the promo of their Meet and Greet in Melbourne conference....

Etsy Blog

What a thrill...thanks Etsy!!! And thanks Edith for letting me know :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The 60th Blake Prize Exhibition

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, on Thursday night I went to the opening of the 60th annual Blake Prize Exhibition at the National Art School Gallery in support of my brother in law (Alex Cyrezko) who was one of the 72 finalists. Way to go Alex!!! This is one of Australia's most prestigious art prizes! I was so excited for him.

The theme is to investigate/question the role of religion and spirituality in contemporary Australian society. Of 1,100 entries 72 finalists were chosen for the exhibition which opened Thursday 16th September and runs till the 15th October.

It is a great exhibition with some very interesting artwork, you can see the finalists here.

This is Alex's series of 14 photographs of roadside memorials....

Stations of the Cross, by Alex Cyrezko

And here is Alex

Well done buddy!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mexican Otomi

I created this artwork a while ago, inspired by the gorgeous mexican otomi fabric, often seen in the styling of Anna Spiro... I love her style by the way!!!

I have added some more colour options to this artwork, so it is now available in.....

Light blue






And if none of these colours take your fancy, you can order a custom canvas in the colour you desire.

Available now in my online shop.

Have a lovely day
Suzie xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Room Dividers

I have been MIA lately...between house maintenance, class parent stuff, work, the usual routine plus a second round of the dreaded head cold which just seems to linger and not completely go away for weeks!!!

Sooo a quick up date...we have been doing some work on the house, finishing off the front entry gate (which was started 3 years ago), trimming the neglected hedges, re fixing the downpipes to the wall as this was never done after the house was painted 3 years ago, a general spring clean (or purge) it feels so good to declutter...especially the kids play room!!

And I am growing out of my study and have canvases lying around all over the place...so we are looking into partitioning our formal lounge room (which never gets used) And putting all of my hubbies musical instruments in it so I can have the study all to myself and he can have his own music room. How much space can musical instruments take I hear you ask??? Well when you have a drum kit, keyboard, 4 guitars, 2 amps and all of the bits and pieces it takes up quite a bit of space. My little corner of the room, and I mean little, as it is not a big room is bursting at the seams.

So I am looking into partitioning.....

Image from here
I had no idea how cool partitioning is now. I love these screens from Steve Howkins I haven't looked into the price yet though.

Love this idea...too expensive and permanent an option for us though.

Image from here

This is pretty.... a bit too ethereal for our house. By Swedish designer Mia Cullin

We could do something like this cheap as chips...I always see pallets on the side of the road.

Image from here

This would be quite simple...

Image from here              

Still a bit of figuring out to do but hopefully we will come up with something.

Have a great day,

Suzie xx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

And the winner is......

Better late than never...sorry guy's Thursday turned into Sunday so quickly I didn't have time to blink.

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, I will be hosting monthly giveaways from Urban Road so if you missed out this time stay for the September giveaway.

The winner of the 60x90cm "Oh Deer" canvas print is.....

Rach from Picklebug

Congratulations Rach!!! Contact me with your address details on urbanroad@bigpond.com

Thanks Again
Suzie xx