Sunday, 11 September 2011

Room Dividers

I have been MIA lately...between house maintenance, class parent stuff, work, the usual routine plus a second round of the dreaded head cold which just seems to linger and not completely go away for weeks!!!

Sooo a quick up date...we have been doing some work on the house, finishing off the front entry gate (which was started 3 years ago), trimming the neglected hedges, re fixing the downpipes to the wall as this was never done after the house was painted 3 years ago, a general spring clean (or purge) it feels so good to declutter...especially the kids play room!!

And I am growing out of my study and have canvases lying around all over the we are looking into partitioning our formal lounge room (which never gets used) And putting all of my hubbies musical instruments in it so I can have the study all to myself and he can have his own music room. How much space can musical instruments take I hear you ask??? Well when you have a drum kit, keyboard, 4 guitars, 2 amps and all of the bits and pieces it takes up quite a bit of space. My little corner of the room, and I mean little, as it is not a big room is bursting at the seams.

So I am looking into partitioning.....

Image from here
I had no idea how cool partitioning is now. I love these screens from Steve Howkins I haven't looked into the price yet though.

Love this idea...too expensive and permanent an option for us though.

Image from here

This is pretty.... a bit too ethereal for our house. By Swedish designer Mia Cullin

We could do something like this cheap as chips...I always see pallets on the side of the road.

Image from here

This would be quite simple...

Image from here              

Still a bit of figuring out to do but hopefully we will come up with something.

Have a great day,

Suzie xx


  1. Hey Suz, Sorry to hear you guys are STILL sick, it's an awful strain of flu isn't it :(
    That's a great idea to partition that part of the room, I think it would work really well. Love those first ones. What about those ikea book shelves? They would give a similar feel to the second image.

  2. I love the idea of the pallets! Maybe you can pick up something cheap from a thrift store and repaint it? Can't wait to see how it turns out!