Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Ava collection

I have been spending a bit of time adding to my existing artwork collections, I just finished two new additions to my Ava series...

Ava Ming

I'm a bit partial to Ava Ming I have to say...very happy with how she turned out! Not to take away from Ava Cream, I think she is lovely too.

Ava Cream

I have added these two new colour options to the existing Ava Brown and Ava Pink. All of the Ava's can be hung either portrait or landscape and are available in my online shop.

Ava Brown

Earlier this year a mini canvas of Ava Brown was purchased for the set of NBC's Parenthood season 3 which started in the States last week. I don't know when it is starting here...soon I hope, I am dying to see it! (the show & the artwork in the show :)

Ava Pink

I hope you like, have a great day lovelies!!!

Suzie xx


  1. I LOVE the Ava Ming, it is stunning. I think it would make a beautiful fabric for bedding don't you think? I'll be watching Parenthood when it comes on, just to see your artwork :)

  2. Oh that Ava Ming is luscious... your invite should be with you tomorrow.. I posted today xx

  3. All very beautiful. I'm especially taken with the blue hue of the Ava Ming x