Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My home office

Last week we got organised and hit the road to Ikea to find something to partition our "formal" lounge room so that my hubby could have his very own music room & I could have the study all to myself. So I am please to inform you the partition is set up (but not yet finished as Ikea was out of stock of a few things) and all of Greg's music gear is now living in the "music room" and I have the study all to myself...yay!!

Now I am faced with the exciting job of how to reorganise the study...if Greg had his way it would already be done, but I don't like to rush these things. It takes time to plan especially when your budget is next to naught!

So in my search for inspiration there are a few things I decided I definately need...

A way of organising my paperwork, orders and receipts etc. I love this clipboard idea because I need things to be in front of my face or I just seem to forget about them, or they get lost under my piles of paper.

Image from here

 I also love this inspiration board, the small one I have is so over crowded that I can't see anything properly...an up size is in order. This is much neater than mine will be though.

Image from here

Funnily enough my study looks kinda like this...the same double doors and probably similar room size. But I don't have all of that gorgeous white furniture, and I need a little more storage, but I like the placement of the desk!

Image from here

Now this office has organised written all over it, I love the storage and the styling, and it is still very practical and functional, I just don't think I could keep it looking like this...

Image from here

So I think another trip to Ikea is in order for a few storage bits and pieces. Hopefully I will get it done soon and I will post the photo's when it's done!

Have a lovely day.
Suzie xx


  1. I love all those pics. And when I saw the third one I thought it WAS your study :)
    Can't wait to see what you do. I love the clip board one, it would def work for me.

  2. Love them all..and that clip board idea is something I have on my list..when I can finally create an office that isn't actually my bedroom.

    Last image is perfection...would be the way that I WOULD love my office to be...but realistically...its wishful thinking ; )

  3. My office is in my bedroom too so I am very jealous of your study! I love the last image the most, although it is freakishly neat!

  4. That desk in the last image is just amazing x

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