Sunday, 29 May 2011

Girls Room

This is a wall in my girls (Mia & Ava) room, they proudly pin up their art work and treasures on it. I have been looking at it every day for months thinking "we really need to do something about this wall".

So, on Sunday afternoon the girls & I took down their mural and went to work trimming and framing some of their drawings, adding a few extra pieces and tossing some not so loved pieces.

And here is the result...the girls decided where to place all of the pieces, my only suggestion was "let's try to keep everything close together so there is room to add more later".

I think they did a pretty good job don't you?

We put everything up with blutac so we can easily move things around if rearranging is required when there are new artworks to add. They were pretty pleased with themselves!


  1. Absolutely, I love it! Great job girls and room for expansion :)

  2. They did an awesome job!!! It looks fab..Well done girls..and well done mummy ; ) x

  3. They did a great job Suzie, looks really cool, esp with your two small canvases, they look so nice in that size too!

  4. Brilliant! Perfect composition! :)