Monday, 30 May 2011

New Artwork - Dancing Anna

Sometimes creating art comes so idea pops into my head and within a few hours it's done...easy! And other times (like with this one) it takes months...I start, then I loose my inspiration and put it aside, then come back to it and try a few things...not totally happy with the result, put it aside again...and so on.

Until finally (and usually with a little help, thanks Janette & Maree) I am happy with the end result. This often happens when an illustration is particularly important to me, and this one is.

This is a portrait of the beautiful Anna, a gorgeous friend of mine's daughter. Anna is 17 and has left her home and family (in Australia) to study ballet in Washington DC. She is a beautiful dancer and an absolute sweet heart, I hope that this illustration reminds her how much she is loved and missed.

Here is a close up

This illustration is the first in a series of 3...hopefully the other 2 won't take as long :)

Hope you like it Anna,
hugs & kisses Suzie.


  1. Suzie this just so beautiful..and even more beautiful because of the story behind it. You have done an amazing job of encompassing and helping us all truly SEE the beautiful young lady that she is...and what a beautiful name I must say ; )

    Janette is a darling and has helped me out of many a pickle when I have had no clue as to what Im great to have bloggy friends like her that are so giving of their time and knowledge x

    p.s little package coming your way x

  2. She is beautiful...well done, the wait was worth while xx