Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Am I allowed to vent???

I believe it was Janette from My Sweet Prints that gave me this post card...well here it goes....

I set up some email hosting with my web hosting site last week and couldn't get it to work...no surprise really. So when I emailed them for help on Monday they replied quite quickly and said they resolved the problem.

Great I thought, I don't have time to test it out today but will get it sorted soon. In the mean time I am super excited about my first add campaign in Adore Home Magazine and discovered they featured me as well...I was super excited and everything was rosy.

Hmmm...it's Tuesday evening, I might just check my website stats...WHAT MY WEBSITE IS DOWN ...AAAHHHH how long has it been down???? Why is it down??? What the.....

It seems that something was set up incorrectly with my email hosting and as a result my website has been down for the last two days. Aaarrrrhhhh.

Anyway...I managed to get them on the phone and it should be back up soon. I don't understand why these things always take 2-4 hours to reset.

I feel better now that I have unloaded...I will feel even better once my site is back in action.

I hope you have had a more relaxing start to your day!


  1. WHAT!!!! Oh no, that's so annoying Suzie. Lucky you noticed last night and could chase it up.
    I tried setting up email hosting with a dif provider last yr and after 50million emails to all providers I gave up. Big waste of $60 and lots of my time.

    I hope it's back up asap.

  2. oh no...hopefully it comes up soon because I'm itching for some new art!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love your work and I was excited to have you in the little treasury I made. Congratulations on those great magazine features!!

    -rachel w k