Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kids in the morning

I am happy to report that shortly after my vent my website was back up and running...phew!!!

This morning I woke up to the cutest kids are early risers like 5:30 am and this year I have arrived at the stage where they can get up & I can stay in bed (this is a very good and long awaited stage).

Anyhow, every morning I wake up to find them playing some kind of role play game together, sometimes it's school's or cafe's or oldest is usually the ring leader. I really enjoy waking up to find them playing so well together (most of the time :)

 This morning they discovered a new game....washing up.

Well it was a combination of washing up and cooking...soooo cute I had to share.

I hope you had a lovely morning

Suzie xx


  1. That is so cute Suzie! Can you ask Mia to teach Will the washing up 'game' for me? hehehe!
    P.S. did you see that the Paper runway spread with your ikat on it was featured on the decor8 blog last night? So cool!

  2. What a brilliant game....i really need to teach my kids that one!

  3. Love it.. I am still waiting for that day....

  4. Still longing waiting for the all up, me in bed stage
    And this would be a miracle :-)

  5. I love this. You'll have to make it a "kids only" game. Great that mum is finally getting a bit of extra shut eye in the morning x