Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bring on Spring

I am so ready for spring...and it's only a day away...yay!!!
I think I need to set something like this up in my backyard, it looks absolutely glorious and I can just imagine lying back on those cushions sipping a sangria and munching popcorn while watching a flick. Although with all this rain I might need to add a few mozzie zappers to those lovely pendant lights. Might kill the mood you think??

picture from here

Something else I am looking forward to is fixing up my garden, I have to admit that I am a fair weather gardener. Which means everything seems to die over winter then I have to start again. Maree I am sorry to report that our fairy garden is looking a little worse for wear and Thomas broke the gnome :(

But do not fear I am ready to get out there (once the sun is shining) and get stuck into it!

picture from here

Entertaining and lounging outdoors with friends...can't wait!!

picture from here

And I think a cabana like this by the pool....yep then everything will be

picture from here

I'm sure you are all looking forward to fun in the's to having some!

Suzie xx


  1. Oh just to have a pool...blow the cabana!!.. love that potting table...that could coax me into a garden for sure xx

  2. Looks amazing - We have had the wettest summer on record here in Denmark so I myself would love a bit of sun and these awesome spaces. Have a great day,
    A xxx