Monday, 20 June 2011

Look what I won

I am very excited to show you the prize I won from The Sydney Girl giveaway, it arrived in the mail yesterday...

The prize was, my choice from the gorgeous Lona de Anna range of prints. Anna's prints are lovely, take a look at her etsy store to see for yourself and she is having a 25% off sale at the moment.

I picked the kaos & mayham print (I'm planning on putting it in my boy's room, appropriate no?) and because she is so sweet she included an extra print AND a bag of jelly beans (that I have already eaten) thanks Anna.

This is my family room art wall that I put together about a year ago, I'm thinking the Ikat Oz print will replace something in here, or I may expand it. Need to ponder on this for a while.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Lovely prize Suzie - lucky you
    I adore your art wall - and the cushions and couch under it

  2. Ooooh Thank you for the mention Suzie ; ) xxx
    So glad they finally got to you lovely..and that you are happy with them. Arent those Jelly Beans Yummo? I love the white coconut flavoured ones. LOVE your Wall looks awesome!
    Anna x

  3. The ikat will look fantastic in your art wall, and I think it would tie in nicely with your fabric wall hanging from India!
    And the Kaos and mayhem is so cute for Tom's room :)

  4. That wall looks fab...I reckon keep adding to it, maybe another row along the bottom, closer to the couch!