Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sports carnival

I spent this morning at my daughters' school sports carnival, it was the Kindy to Year 2 carnival held on the school grounds. They each get one running race then go off to different sports activities in their classes, it's quite tame really, but they love it.

I thought I would share with you my youngest daughter Ava's first running race (she is the one that comes last). She has a grin on her face the whole time...and was so proud of herself.

Way to go Ava!!

I have to say I love being able to go these events, it makes my day to see my kids having a blast at school.

Enjoy your Monday.


  1. Oh that's gorgeous! She is such a cutie-pie. I think I will be a blubbering mess of pride when I see Will in his first sports carnival one day :)

  2. Very sweet.. I am with you Janette...years of making sure I have waterproof mascara on for me..Suzie you might want to pop across to my blog..

  3. My daughter "pushed" two of her friends over the line in her first race so they wouldn't be last (she was)
    These are the moments worth bottling!!